A Farewell to NEATO

NEATO began 27 years ago (February, 1986), with an informal meeting in the home of Mike Motta in Somerset, Massachusetts. Back then we called ourselves the Northeast Chapter of the Society of Transporter Owners (those of us with long memories may recall that organization). Soon we were a fully independent club and publishing this newsletter. Over the years NEATO grew, and sprouted many chapters of our own. We now find ourselves in the Age of the Internet, with a dwindling membership and dwindling newsletter contributions. Those of us who remain are no less enthusiastic about Old Buses, but the club coordinators have come to the conclusion that it's time to lay our burdens down.

The combination of lack of original newsletter material and lack of time of yours truly (the editor) is most of the reason we are folding. Although putting the newsletter together has always been one of my most favorite things to do, I haven't had time to pursue story leads for a good many months. Without the time and material to lovingly craft each issue, OBR comes out way too infrequently... Sigh.

NEATO and Old Bus Review have a glorious history, though! With the support of members and writers, we have been the one of the most active VW clubs with arguably the best VW newsletter ever published. It's been lots of fun we all have wonderful memories!

Folks who've paid for memberships will get refunds based on newsletters they have paid for, and not received. If there are any questions, please contact George Bossarte (our membership Coordinator since the beginning!)

Also, chapters who have relied on NEATO to provide liability insurance for events should know that we deeply regret that we are not renewing our policy. We know that this was a large benefit to member chapters around the country, but there is no longer an organization to manage this. We would like to interest another club to take on coordination of this coverage. Please contact us with questions.

Until we meet again on the Roads of Life, here's a last too of the old horn!

Consider LIMBO

A sad day indeed... I've been with NEATO off and on since 87.

I'd like to extend an invitation to the remaining proud NEATO members to join LiMBO. We would be honored to welcome the remaining members into the fold. Since a few LiMBO officers own Split buses too. I'll offer free issues to those would like one to see what we're all about.

As far as the insurance, George mentioned it to the LiMBO officers. Most of the feedback was negative, but I'm hoping the issue isn't dead just yet. Our annual meeting is coming up Feb 24th. I'm going to push to take over this from NEATO. I really need to know what is involved, so if someone can contact me about this, I'd appreciate it.

Jim Digennaro www.limbobus.org